North Carolina

"My life is forever changed as a result of Sandra Guassi's hypnotherapy sessions. Her knowledge of human behavior coupled with her keen ability to deeply connect with clients made this a truly remarkable experience for me. 

Not only did Sandra help to calm my anxieties, but with her therapeutic techniques, she helped me to uncover valuable insights and regain the momentum needed to achieve my goals.
Sandra, what an amazing hypnotherapist you are!! I cannot thank you enough."



"Sandra is amazing! She has great cadence when she speaks. She has a great attitude and a pleasant spirit. To add, she has an exotic accent that makes her sessions that much more unique and relaxing.  Anybody that does hypnosis with her will have an experience they've never had before."



“I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to try a hypnotherapy session due to the questionable stigma surrounding hypnotherapy, but soon I was put at ease.  Sandra explained the process, expectations and end goal of hypnotherapy with expert detail. That thoroughness is very comforting. For any questions, insights or pivotal moments that occurred were acknowledged and answered extensively.  Sandra’s authentic passion to help others makes her a natural for this modality. I was impressed with how much I benefited from these sessions with an improved calmness overall. I especially liked the fact that the sessions were customized each time. I saw overall improvement and would highly recommend Sandra as a hypnotherapist. I’m grateful to have had this experience and worked with Sandra.”


North Carolina

“I have had many sleeping issues since I entered menopause. Sandra convinced me to give hypnosis a try.  I was a little on the fence because it is very hard for me to calm down my mind. I am a Bootcamp king person and yoga makes me yawn. Anyway, we decided to have three sessions. Long story short it was amazing. I am not only relaxed at a very deep level but also my sleep became better.  Her voice was soothing and her directions very clear. I felt like I was floating on the water and this feeling of immersing into a calm stage made me realize that I can learn how to control my thoughts. Sandra is a very sensible hypnotherapist and I recommend her. She made me believe that I could give hypnotherapy a chance."

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Stress Management Consultant & Clinical Hypnotherapist

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